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25 years of innovation and manufacturing excellence in Ghana and beyond

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Energy: Transmission & Distribution

We are a resolute partner in the energy transmission and distribution sector across Africa, with a pronounced presence in West Africa.

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Real Estate & Construction

Our cables are flame retardant, low smoke, lead-free and maintain an uninterrupted and reliable delivery of power to the built environment.

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Mining, Oil & Gas

We provide the needed mining, and oil & gas industry cables that serves the purpose of providing durable and dependable connections that cannot fail.

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Manufacturing & Industry

We offer world class quality power & control cables to meet the needs of the ever-growing manufacturing & industrial sector.

Communication & Infrastructure

For your reliable and secure communication networks, we are a dependable partner providing you with cutting-edge technology for all your solutions.

We manufacture enough cables to go round the World several times each year


About Us


We have over the years grown our production capacity to over 5,000 tonnes of Aluminium and Copper annually.

This phenomenal growth has been achieved by manufacturing world class quality conductors and cables for West Africa’s energy sector.

Customer Reviews

ECG Logo

The conductors supplied complied fully to our specifications and requirements and have performed to our satisfaction. We therefore have no hesitation in recommending the products from Tropical Cable and Conductor Ltd.


ECG Logo

The quality of the conductors manufactured by Tropical Cable & Conductor Ltd. is excellent and they fully comply with the technical requirements of the Electricity Company of Ghana . TCCL also performed in accordance with the terms and conditions of the orders/contracts. The overall services provided by TCCL have been professional and efficient. We have no hesitation in recommending them for supply of conductors and cables


Red Sea Housing Services Logo

As always I appreciate your help for supplying Red Sea, wires from Tropical Cable

Purchasing Manager Red Sea Housing Services

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The Management of the Materials Management Division of the Electricity Company of Ghana wishes to express its gratitude and satisfaction for the professional manner in which our orders for supply of conductors in the year 2003 were executed. We are also pleased to note that the conductors were timely delivered and complied fully with our Specification E-09


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Management has been very much impressed by the quality of the conductors and prompt manner in which the full delivery was made. We therefore write to commend your company highly for the good work done and we hope you will handle future contracts with the same zeal as you exhibited in the last contract


The above company (TCCL) offered a good service with respect to the production, sales and service concerning the supply of the aluminium conductors for the above project ( National Electrification Project in Ghana). We wish the company well in their future expansion programmes


The supplied conductor(Aluminium 100mm² & 50mm²) has met the ECG specifications and deliveries have been on time. We can therefore recommend Tropical Cable and Conductor Ltd as a reliable supplier



Focus on Quality

Our Quality Management System for inspection, monitoring and testing ensures conformity of product to specified requirements from Receipt of Raw Material to Despatch to Customer


Cable Calculator

Use our tool to calculate requirements for your house-wiring electrical cables. Our cable calculator will work out the types and quantities of cables you require easily

TCCL Community Impact

Community Impact

We are committed to ensuring improvement in the quality of life in the community we operate in. 

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