Serving residential and non-residential construction projects with building wire and other wire & cable products.

Utilities & Power Grid

Delivering power to people with high-performance electric utility wire and cable products for power and distribution.

Mining, Oil & Gas

Preserving the safe, operational integrity of mission-critical equipment in the most demanding exploration, production and refining environments.

House Wiring

Providing residential consumers projects with the highest quality and safest wire and other cable products.

World Class Cable Products

Overhead Line Conductors

An overhead power line is a structure used in electric power transmission and distribution to transmit electrical energy across large distances.

Aluminium & Copper Binding Wires

Binding wire is widely used in the construction field for tying the re-bars at the joints so as to keep the structure intact.

Low Voltage Power Cables

Our low-voltage power cables are designed for use in a broad range of commercial, industrial and utility applications where outstanding reliability and maximum performance is critical.

Non-sheathed Cables

Our non-sheathed cables offer distinct advantages and deliver maximum performance and ease of installation for a broad range of commercial, industrial and utility applications

Sheathed Cables

Our sheathed cables demonstrate excellent crush, heat, moisture and chemical resistance to meet the requirements of harsh industrial conditions and hazardous locations.

Telecommunication Cables

Our advanced telecoms cables solutions support the reliable flow of a growing torrent of high-speed data across high-bandwidth global communication networks in our increasingly connected world.

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